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Grant Opportunity

Organisations providing a service or facilities in Norton-on-Derwent who want to be considered for grant aid in the year ending 31 March 2023 should express their interest to us via the email below and we will send out the application form.

Criteria: Grant applications should outline the provision of benefits to Norton on Derwent under one or more of the following criteria:-

To contribute to the cultural life, education, sporting opportunities or general well-being of the people of Norton.

To promote the economic and commercial vitality of Norton.

To support and contribute to the social life of Norton.

To preserve the unique identity of Norton and promote its heritage.

To help to create a socially inclusive and caring community and increase collaboration among our residents.

To protect and improve Norton and promote a sustainable environment.

Who can apply: Clubs and societies, Voluntary bodies and associations, Non-profit making organisations, Charitable bodies

Completed application forms by Monday 3rd October 2022.

Norton-on-Derwent Town Council, The Old Courthouse,

84b Commercial Street, Norton, Malton, YO17 9ES


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