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Norton Is Blooming

Norton in Bloom has enjoyed its first year enhancing the town with planters. We have probably achieved about 80% of what we set out to do, considering the virus is around we were pleased with this outcome.

The first thing we did was enhance the entrance signs by creating proper beds at Scarborough Road and Beverley Road. These were then planted with petunias and begonias in the main.

We then added planters to Mill Street and Commercial Street and placed a central tree with an abundance of flowers surrounding, mainly petunias, geraniums and bacopa trailing. The Mill Street planters contained Mesembryanthemums and they loved the sun. As per picture below.

We added planters to the Swimming Bath walls and renovated the three tier planter outside the public toilets on church street. This now looks lovely with petunias and trainling lobelia spraying out of the sides. We also added a second planter to Wood Street / Wold Street corner to match the other. Photo below.

We hope you enjoy our flowers whilst summer lasts. Plans for next year include adding a few floral beds around town.


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