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Play areas

King Georges Playing Field

This is a lovely tract of open grassland kept as such as Norton United utilise it as their main playing pitch.  To the side is the play area featuring basket swings and climbing frames.  In 2018 the play area was comprehensively overhauled with new additions of equipment featuring a wave rider, an accessible roundabout, a see saw and four new pieces of gym equipment.  In addition to the play area, to the rear is a Multi Use Games Unit, with high metal perimeter surround and is regularly utilised for basketball and football alike.

King Georges Field Play Equipment

Burdale Close Play Area

This play area appeared in 1980 as part of an estate development.  It is a small but attractive piece of grass with swings, roundabout, see saw and a junior rocker.

Burdale Close Play Equipment

The Chase Dog Walk and Play Area

Between the Chase and Kingston Drive, lies to open pieces of grassland, one is a dog walk area and the other is a play area.